New Fiction and DVD Titles on Order

new fiction and DVD titles on order

  • 9-1-1: Season 1
  • American Animals
  • Austin Found
  • Back In Very Small Business: Season 1
  • The Battlers
  • Beast
  • Between Land And Sea
  • Billionaire Boys Club
  • Billions: Season 3
  • Black Comedy: Season 3
  • The Blake Mysteries: Ghost Stories
  • Blue Bloods: Season 8
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Bosch: Season 4
  • The Bridge: Series 4
  • Class Rank
  • Dark Crimes
  • The Darkest Minds
  • Destination Wedding
  • Discovering Britain: Series 1
  • Dish
  • Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot
  • The English Patient
  • First Man
  • The Flip Side
  • Food Safari: Earth
  • Food Safari: Water
  • The Forgiven
  • Ghost Stories
  • Ghosthunter
  • Hannibal: Season 2
  • High Life
  • The House With A Clock In Its Walls
  • How To Stay Married: Season 1
  • Hunter Killer
  • Ian Mckellen: Playing The Part
  • The Insult
  • Interlude In Prague
  • Juliet, Naked
  • Kin
  • Kingpin: Season 1
  • Ladies In Black
  • The Last Kingdom: Season 3
  • Mandy
  • Mcqueen
  • The Miseducation Of Cameron Post
  • Monty Python: The Movies Collection
  • Night School
  • Planes, Trains And Automobiles
  • Please stand by
  • Predator: 1-4
  • Save Me
  • Searching
  • The Sinner: Season 2
  • A Star Is Born
  • Studio 54: The Documentary
  • Summer 1993
  • The Ottoman lieutenant
  • Thelma
  • Venom
  • Water Under The Bridge
  • Waves
  • Wayne
  • Welcome the stranger
  • Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist
  • White Dragon
  • Wildlife
  • Zoe

Aaron, Jason; McGuinness, Ed
The Avengers, Vol. 1: The Final Host

Adelaide, Debra

Adkins, Mary
When You Read This

Alfon, Dov
A Long Night In Paris

Andrews, V C.
The Silhouette Girl

The Kingfisher Secret

Baart, Nicole
You Were Always Mine

Barry, Jessica

Bartlett, Alicia Gimenez
Naked Men

Barton, Fiona
The Suspect

Battle-Felton, Yvonne

Belcher, R S.
King of the Road

Bell, Pamela
Christmas at Emmerdale

Benedict, Laura
The Stranger Inside

Bernhard, Susan
Winter Loon

Best, Gillian
The Last Wave

Bolano, Roberto
The Spirit of Science Fiction

Bolton, Guy
The Syndicate

Bouchet, Amanda

Brant, Kylie
Cold Dark Places

Broady, Sylvia
The Lost Daughter

Brotherhood of St Laurence
Hope Shines: Stories from the Hope Prize

Brown, Pierce
Dark Age

Bunn, Cullen
Deadpool: Assassin, Vol. 1

Burke, James Lee
The New Iberia Blues

Burns, Anna

Burrows, Deborah
Ambulance Girls At War

Callen, Alissa
The Round Yard

Cameron, Miles
Dark Forge

Camilleri, Andrea
The Overnight Kidnapper

Campion, Esther
The House of Second Chances

Carpenter, Elisabeth
Only a Mother

Cavanagh, Steve

Chakraborty, S A.
The Kingdom Of Copper

Chambers, Kimberley
The Sting

Chaney, JoAnn
As Long As We Both Shall Live

Chen, Mike
Here And Now And Then

Choo, Yangsze
The Night Tiger

Cohen, Julie
Louis & Louise

Cox, Stephen
Our Child of the Stars

Creel, Ann Howard
The River Widow

Daniels, Casey
Smoke and Mirrors

Davies, Deborah Kay
Tirzah and the Prince of Crows

Dawson, Juno
The Good Doctor

Dean Koontz
The Forbidden Door

Diamond, Lucy
Something to Tell You

Doherty, Paul
The Godless

Dyer, Thoraiya
Tides of the Titans

Edugyan, Esi
Washington Black

Ellory, R J.
Three Bullets

Evanovich, Janet
The Big Kahuna

Fairstein, Linda
Blood Oath

Feehan, Christine
Vengeance Road

Fforde, Katie
A Rose Petal Summer

Finder, Joseph

Flanagan, Penny
Surviving Hal

Foley, Lucy
The Hunting Party

Gaiman, Neil
The Problem of Susan and Other Stories

Gaiman, Neil
Likely Stories

Gardner, Lisa
Never Tell

Gentill, Sulari
All the Tears in China

Gibney, Patricia
The Lost Child

Gillham, David
Annelies: A Novel of Anne Frank

Glaister, Seni
Mr Doubler Begins Again

Gordon-Smith, Dolores
Forgotten Murder

Greaney, Mark
Mission Critical

Griffin, Anne
When All is Said

Griffiths, Elly
The Stone Circle

Gruley, Bryan
Bleak Harbor

Harris, Anstey
The Truths And Triumphs Of Grace Atherton

Harris, Rosie
Only Love Can Heal

Harris, Rosie
Mind Of Her Own

Harvey, Michael

Hendricks, Greer; Pekkanen, Sarah
An Anonymous Girl

Hepworth, Sally
The Mother in Law

Higgins, Peter
Dragon Heart

Hogan, Ruth
Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel

Hooper, Chloe
The Arsonist: A Mind on Fire

Hopeless, Dennis
X-Men: Uncanny Origins, Vol. 1

Howard, Kat
Cathedral of Myth and Bone: Stories

Hummel, Maria
Still Lives

Hurwitz, Gregg
Out of the Dark

Hyde, Catherine Ryan
Heaven Adjacent

Hyde, Katherine Bolger
Cyanide With Christie

James, Marlon
Black Leopard Red Wolf

Jameson, Hanna
The Last

Janu, Penelope
On the Same Page

Jefferies, Cynthia
The Outrageous Fortune Of Abel Morgan

Johnson, Milly
The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew

Jones, Darynda
Summoned To Thirteenth Grave

Jones, Thom
Night Train: New and Selected Stories

Kamal, Soniah

Kara, Lesley
The Rumour

Keane, Jessie
The Edge

Kellerman, Jonathan
The Wedding Guest

Keneally, Tom; Keneally, Meg
The Ink Stain

Kennedy, Douglas
The Great Wide Open

King, Laurie R.
For The Sake Of The Game: Stories Inspired By The Sherlock Holmes Canon

Kinsella, Sophie
I Owe You One

Koch, Herman
The Ditch

Kushner, Rachel
The Mars room

La Plante, Lynda

La Plante, Lynda
The Talisman: 30th Anniversary Edition

Lapidos, Juliet

Lapidus, Jens
Top Dog

Lauren, Christina
My Favourite Half-Night Stand

Lea, Caroline
The Glass Woman

Leigh, Lora
Cross Breed

Lewis, Susan
One Minute Later

Liardet, Frances
We Must Be Brave

Lodge, Gytha
She Lies in Wait

Lumsden, Richard
The Six Loves of Billy Binns

Lundberg, Sofia
The Red Address Book

Lyle, H B.
The Irregular: A Different Class of Spy

Lyons, Jenn
The Ruin of Kings

Macdonald, Patricia
Safe Haven

Mackay, Malcolm
A Line Of Forgotten Blood

Mackenzie, Rosie
The Homestead on the River

Maitland, Barry
The Promised Land

Martinez, Augustin
Village of the Lost Girls

Masterton, Graham
Begging To Die

Matthews, Carole
Happiness for Beginners

May, Peter
The Man With No Face

Mayor, Archer
Bury the Lead

McCormack, Una
Molten Heart

McDonald, Christina
The Night Olivia Fell

McEwan, Ian
My purple scented novel

McEwan, Ian
Machines Like Me

McGuire, Michael
Flight Risk

McNamee, Eoin
The Vogue

McTiernan, Dervla
The Scholar

Michaelides, Alex
The Silent Patient

Michelinie, David
Venom: Planet of the Symbiotes

Minier, Bernard

Miyazawa, Kenji
Once And Forever

Montanari, Richard
The Buried Girl

Morgan, Emma
A Love Story for Bewildered Girls

Murnane, Gerald
A Season on Earth

Nash, Charlotte
Saving You

Natt och Dag, Niklas
The Wolf and the Watchman

Nowra, Louis
The Lewis Trilogy

O'Callaghan, Billy
My Coney Island Baby

O'connor, Deborah
The Dangerous Kind

Okri, Ben
The Freedom Artist

O'Loughlin, Ann
My Mother's Daughter

O'Mahony, Jacqueline
A River In The Trees

Orchard, Sonia
Into the Fire

Oswald, James
Cold as the Grave

Palmer, Diana
Any Man Of Mine: A Waiting Game

Patterson, James; Paetro, Maxine
18th Abduction

Pomare, J P.
Call Me Evie

Poyer, David
Deep War

Quigley, Gerladine
Music Love Drugs War

Reynolds, Alastair
Shadow Captain

Rhodes, Kate
Ruin Beach

Rhodes, Kate
Hell Bay

Richards, Kate

Rimington, Stella
The Moscow Sleepers

Roberts, Bethan

Robertson, Catherine
What You Wish For

Robertson, Robin
The Long Take

Rooney, Sally
Normal People

Rose, Karen
Say You're Sorry

Salvatore, R A.
Reckoning of Fallen Gods

Sanderson, Brandon
Mistborn: Secret History: A Cosmere Novella

Sansom, C J.

Santopolo, Jill
More Than Words

Saunders, George
Fox 8: A Short Story

Savage, Vanessa
Woman In The Dark

Scott, Brandy
Not Bad People

Scott, E G.
The Woman Inside

See, Lisa
Island Of Sea Women: A Novel

Shalvis, Jill
Playing For Keeps

Sims, Laura

Simsion, Graeme
The Rosie Result

Spain, Jo
Dirty Little Secrets

Spring, Neil
The Burning House

Stabenow, Dana
Death Of An Eye

Stainton, Keris
The Bad Mothers' Book Club

Steel, Danielle
Turning Point

Stevens, Taylor
Liars' Paradox

Tanner, Lindsay

Taylor, Brad
Daughter Of War

Taylor, Tom; Asrar, Mahmud
X-Men Red, Vol. 1: The Hate Machine

Templeton, Aline
Human face

Templeton, Aline
Carrion Comfort

Thorne, Sally
99 Percent Mine

Tiffany, Carrie
Exploded View

Titchmarsh, Alan
The Scarlet Nightingale

Turner, Kerri
The Last Days Of The Romanov Dancers

Tuti, Ilaria
Flowers Over the Inferno

Upfield, Arthur W.
The Mystery of Swordfish Cove

Upfield, Arthur W.
The Bone is Pointed

Upfield, Arthur W.
The Bachelors of Broken Hill

Veletzos, Roxanne
The Girl They Left Behind

Velton, Sonia
Blackberry and Wild Rose

Walker, Karen Thompson
The Dreamers

Wells, Zeb
Venom: Dark Origin

Wieringa, Tommy
The Death of Murat Idrissi

Wilkins, Susan
It Should Have Been Me

Winslow, Don
The Border

Winters, Ben H.
Golden State

Yong, Jin
A Bond Undone

Zusak, Markus
Bridge of Clay