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Have your say on important local issues. Hornsby Shire Council values feedback from the community. Below are the current consultations that are seeking public comment.

Community Forum Meetings are a valuable opportunity for local residents to raise issues and gain feedback from their local Councillors.

The Meetings are also valuable to Council because direct and personalised information on current and topical matters can be conveyed to attending residents face to face, with sufficient explanation so complex issues are thoroughly explained.

Schedule for 2018


A Ward

Berowra RSL

Thursday 31st May


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B Ward

Pennant Hills Bowling Club

Thursday 23rd August


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C Ward

Cherrybrook Technology High School

Tuesday 16th October


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Waste Matters - Council's Waste Strategy

Council is preparing a new Waste Strategy to assist in guiding the future direction of waste management in the Hornsby Shire.

Council’s current Collection and Processing Contracts will expire in 2020. Our Waste Strategy will guide us in the planning of replacement contracts, and we would like your feedback on how we can improve our services.

You can get involved and have your say on the waste services we provide and our new Waste Strategy. We held a number of Waste Matters Pop-up Stalls in early August 2018 from which we received great feedback from the community. We will soon be running an online survey for the broader community to have their say.

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Commercial Building Colour Scheme Survey

Council is considering whether to seek a change to planning legislation to enable Council to dictate the colours commercial buildings can be painted. Council sought your views about the colour of buildings within the non-heritage commercial areas of Hornsby Shire via a survey in July/August 2018.

A report on the outcomes will be available shortly.

Community Strategic Plan Consultation

Want to know what is the vision that residents have for the future of Hornsby Shire? We conducted research in October and November 2017 to find out what you like about living here and what you think would make the Shire a better place.

Read the report.

Hornsby Shire Council values feedback from the community. Below are the current exhibitions, with instructions for commenting provided with each.

  • Public Consultation – The Promenade, Cheltenham - Proposed installation of No Right Turn, No Parking Zone and No Stopping Zone

    Exhibited Until: 05/10/2018

    Council is considering installing a part time ‘No Right Turn’ sign at the intersection of The Promenade and Beecroft Road and extending the ‘No Parking’ zone on the school side of The Promenade during School Zone operating times. A ‘No Stopping’ zone would also be installed either side of the utilities access and staff car park to Cheltenham Girls High School to allow for heavy vehicles to pick up waste.

  • Street Library on Public Land Proposal

    Exhibited Until: 21/09/2018

    Street libraries are small structures that allow for free exchange of books – people take a book to read and leave one there for others. Council has adopted a draft policy that will allow them to be placed on public land.

  • Review of Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy

    Exhibited Until: 28/09/2018

    Council has recently undertaken a review of its Councillors’ Expenses and Facilities Policy as required by legislation. This Policy governs the payment of expenses incurred by, and the provision of facilities to, the Mayor and Councillors in the discharge of their public duties.

  • Draft Hornsby Shire Sportsground Strategy

    Exhibited Until: 07/09/2018

    An independent analysis of sportsground provision and needs within Hornsby Shire was carried out and this has formed the basis for the Draft Sportsground Strategy.

If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with one of Hornsby Shire Council's councillors you can find them at any one of their Councillor Pop Up sessions.


Mayor Philip Ruddock

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Ward A

Cr Nathan Tilbury

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Cr Warren Waddell

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Cr Mick Marr

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Ward B

Cr Janelle MacIntosh

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Cr Robert Browne

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Cr Joe Nicita

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Ward C

Cr Emma Heyde

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Cr Michael Hutchence

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Cr Vince del Gallego

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