Infrastructure Improvement Works

Current and Upcoming infrastructure improvement works in Hornsby Shire. This schedule is dependent upon weather and may change.


If you would like to enquire about any work taking place which is not listed, please phone 9847 6666 or email

Current and Scheduled Works

  • The Gully Road, Berowra

    Works to be done: Upgrading of existing trash rack., near access road to Berowra Community Centre.
    Status:Design completed, construction scheduled for mid-December, subject to fabrication and supply of rack.

  • Citrus Avenue, Hornsby – (Mildred Avenue to Peats Ferry Road)

    Works to be done: Kerb and gutter and drainage construction.
    Status:Design completed and initial construction presently underway.

  • Peter Close, Hornsby Heights

    Works to be done: Installation of a litter removal/collection device (Continuous Deflective Separation Unit).
    Status:Design completed and construction scheduled for late November

  • Pierre Close, Mount Colah

    Works to be done: Kerb and gutter, drainage upgrades and footpath construction.
    Status: Preliminary construction works have commenced and work is scheduled for completion in April 2017.

  • Mills Avenue, Asquith Park, Asquith

    Works to be done: Kerb and gutter, angle parking spaces, footpath construction and water catchments features .
    Status: Construction has begun and is scheduled for completion in Feb 2017.

Completed Works 2016

New, Improve, Maintain - What's planned for 2016/17

Special (one-off) projects

  • Hornsby Station Footbridge, George Street, Hornsby - Construction of new footbridge underway and due for completion late 2016
  • Florence Street, Hornsby - Shared zone at footbridge landing
  • NorthConnex fill to Hornsby Quarry

Local Footpath Improvements

  • Greenvale Grove, Hornsby – south side – Warandoo Street to end
  • Duffy Avenue, Westleigh - south side - Quarter Sessions Road to Kentwell Avenue
  • Bangalow Avenue, Beecroft  – north side - Chapman Avenue to end
  • Loftus Road, Pennant Hills - west side - Boundary Road to Victoria Road
  • High Street, Mount Kuring-gai – north side – end to end
  • Roach Avenue, Thornleigh – south side – Sinclair Avenue to Nicholson Avenue
  • Avon Close, Asquith – south side – Eden Drive to end
  • Stratford Close, Asquith – south side – Eden Drive to end
  • Manor Road, Hornsby - Watson Avenue to end

Major and Minor Drainage Improvements

  • Mount Colah (Berowra Road to Myall Road) Stage 1
  • Burdett Street, Hornsby - Culvert Upgrade (subject to property sale)
  • Park Avenue, Hornsby - Drainage Upgrade (subject to property sale)

Local Road Improvements

  • Pierre Close, Mount Colah - both sides
  • Mills Avenue, Asquith – Pacific Highway to Wall Avenue – both sides
  • Citrus Avenue, Hornsby – Pacific Highway to Mildred Avenue – both sides
  • Berowra Road, Mount Colah – Gray Street to Myall Road – Stage 2 - both sides
  • Flora Avenue, Mount Colah – Stage 2 – Parklands Road to Hillside Parade
  • Hillside Parade, Mount Colah – Flora Avenue to North Street
  • Cowan Road/Neridah Avenue, Mount Colah - both sides
  • Hart Place, Maroota - full length
  • Crosslands Road, Galston - Stage 1 - upgrading of first 1.35km of unsealed road

Foreshore Facilities

  • Wisemans Ferry Boat Ramp and Wharf Reconstruction - Stage 1

Sporting Facilities

Facility renewals

  • Mark Taylor Oval, Waitara - Fence and sightscreen renewals
  • Brooklyn tennis court renewal
  • Oval fence replacements - Foxglove Oval, Mount Colah ( + other sites)
  • Thornleigh Brickpit Indoor Sports Stadium – Cover wall insulation on three courts


  • Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills
  • Warrina St Oval, Berowra

Sportsfield irrigation and surface renewals

  • Various irrigation renewals

Synthetic sportsfield conversion

  • Various synthetic cricket wicket renewals

Sport and recreation precinct

  • Waitara Park Indoor stadium and park
  • Orara Street Park, Waitara - New park
  • Asquith Oval - Playground expansion
  • Quarter Sessions Road, Westleigh - Investigation works/masterplan study
  • Quarry/Old Mans Valley masterplan


Playground renewals (including equipment and facilities)

  • Lessing Street Park, Hornsby - Improvements
  • Mount Kuring-gai Park - Playground replacement
  • Cowan Oval - Playground renewal

Playground softfall renewals - Various sites

Park furniture renewals (including picnic shelters, seating, bbqs, exercise equipment)

  • Park furniture renewal - Various sites
  • Fitness equipment - Rofe Park, Hornsby Heights ( + other sites)

Park amenities building renewals

  • Fagan Park - Toilet replacement
  • Fagan Park, Galston - Friends of Fagan Park amenity building renewal
  • Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn - Roof repairs
  • Mark Taylor Oval, Waitara - Grandstand renewal
  • Pennant Hills No. 1 Oval - Grandstand renewal
  • Berowra Oval, Berowra - Flooring renewals

Dog off leash renewal (including turf renewal, seating and fencing)

  • Dawson Avenue Park, Thornleigh

Bushland and Waterways

  • Bushfire interface mitigation works

Bushland recreational improvements

  • Florence Cotton Reserve, Hornsby - Bushland walking track upgrade
  • Mount Colah West - Multiple track heads, landscaping and signage
  • Carrs Bush, Galston - Bushland walking track upgrade
  • Hornsby Park and Old Mans Valley - Hornsby Heritage Steps and bushland walking tracks
  • Brooklyn boardwalk upgrade
  • Upper Pyes Creek, Dural - Bushland walking track upgrade
  • Off road cycle track improvements

Catchments Remediation Rate capital works projects

  • Stormwater harvesting and biofiltration system, Asquith Oval
  • Creek bank stabilisation, New Farm Road, West Pennant Hills
  • Gross pollutant traps - Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook
  • Large end of pipe biofilters - Berowra and Mount Colah
  • Biofilter, Beecroft Community Centre
  • Creek bank stabilisation at Chilworth Close, Beecroft

Building capital improvements

  • Storey Park Community Facility Redevelopment, Asquith
  • Renovation/extension of Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre, Hornsby - upgrade car park and landscape beautification
  • Beecroft Community Centre - new car park and landscape beautification

Minor building capital renewal works

(Minor capital renewal works could be:  replacement of guttering/fascia, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, roofing, re-sheeting of floors, air-conditioning, minor landscaping, etc)

  • Arcadia Community Centre
  • Beatrice Taylor Hall, Hornsby
  • Beecroft Community Centre
  • Berowra Community Centre
  • Brooklyn Meeting Room
  • Cherrybrook Community Centre
  • Cowan Community Centre
  • Dangar Island Community Centre
  • Gumnut Community Centre
  • Hawkins Hall, Thornleigh (replacement of two shade structures)
  • Hornsby Heights Community Centre
  • Hornsby Leisure and Learning Centre
  • Mount Kuring-gai Community Centre
  • Pennant Hills Community Centre
  • Pennant Hills Leisure and Learning Centre
  • Thornleigh Community Centre
  • Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre
  • Wisemans Ferry Community Centre
  • Berowra Library
  • Hornsby Library

Traffic Facilities


  • Brooklyn Shared Path Boardwalk (50% NSW Government funding)

Pedestrian facilities

  • Woodcourt Road, Berowra - Pedestrian refuge north-west of Alan Road (50% NSW Government funding)
  • Ingram Road, Waitara - Pedestrian refuge near Carden Avenue (50% NSW Government funding)
  • Florence Street, Hornsby - Shared zone (50% NSW Government funding)


  • Wylds Road, Arcadia - Upgrade of vertical curve and road surface (100% Federal funding)

Traffic calming

  • Traffic signals - Carlingford Road/Hepburn Avenue, Carlingford
  • Waitara precinct traffic calming
  • New traffic signals - Waitara Avenue/Alexandria Parade, Waitara

What we did in 2015/16

  • Streetscape improvements, Peats Ferry Road, Hornsby - Tree planting between Station and Coronation Streets
  • Footpath improvements - Boyd Avenue, West Pennant Hills; Quarter Sessions Road, Westleigh; Burdett Street, Hornsby; Nyara Road, Mount Kuring-gai; Alamein Avenue, Carlingford; and Karongal Close, Epping
  • Local road improvements - Berowra Waters Road, Berowra Heights - Stage 3 (incorporating continuation of on-road cycleway); Brisbane Avenue, Mount Kuring-gai; Berowra Road, Mount Colah; Hazelmead Road, Asquith; and Flora Avenue, Mount Colah
  • Upgrading of unsealed roads - Jack Russell Road, Berrilee; Calabash Road, Arcadia; and Venner Road, Berrilee
  • Shared Cycleway/Footpath - at Brooklyn Road, Brooklyn - Stages 2 of Brooklyn Shared Path
  • Shared Cycleway/Road - Berowra Waters Road, Berowra Heights - Stage 3
  • New traffic signals -    Bridge/Hunter/Miller Streets, Hornsby
  • The Esplanade, Thornleigh - Traffic and pedestrian safety improvements

Park / playground upgrades

  • Ray Park, Carlingford - upgraded to include a new playground, picnic shelters and exercise stations, and 230 metres of new circuit paths for walkers, joggers and cyclists that connect with the heritage trail
  • Playground improvements - at Asquith Park; Carmen Crescent Park, Cherrybrook; and James Henty Park, Dural
  • Lisgar Gardens, Hornsby - Formal gardens/lawn area replaced
  • Hornsby Park - playground replaced, including replacement of toddler playground and installation of a swingset including a nest swing; installation of a mural wall and a raingarden; and links to the adjoining bushland reserve and mountain bike trail
  • Dangar Island - playground renewal, including a boulder climbing wall, monkey bar, rope net ramp, turbo slide, basketball tower and exercise equipment
  • Playground softfall replacements - at Greenway Park, Cherrybrook; and Somerville Park, Eastwood
  • Dog off leash improvement - lighting upgrade at Greenway Park, Cherrybrook

Sporting facility upgrades

  • Montview Oval, Hornsby Heights - irrigation
  • Pennant Hills Park -
    • #3 field upgraded to synthetic and being utilised for 2016 winter sports
    • #1 oval  - drainage, surface rehabilitation and erosion control
    • long jump pits, discus and shotput area upgrades
    • footpath construction
    • conversion of archery facility to allow multi-use
  • Oakleigh Park, Thornleigh - Sportsground surface restored, drainage and irrigation
  • Brooklyn Old Dairy Site (Stage 1) - upgraded for cricket use
  • Berowra Oval - carpark upgraded
  • Campbell Park, West Pennant Hills - Irrigation renewed
  • Roselea Park, Carlingford - Irrigation renewed, oval surface drainage, levelling and fencing
  • Greenway Park, Cherrybrook - Mike Kenny Oval - Decompaction and levelling of oval surface
  • Floodlighting improvements at: Ron Payne Oval, North Epping; Asquith Oval; Storey Park, Asquith; Hayes Park, Galston; Thomas Thompson Park, Cherrybrook
  • Galston Aquatic and Leisure Centre - New learn to swim pool

Building improvements

  • Hornsby Library - new carpet installed
  • Hawkins Hall, Thornleigh - playground shade structure replaced
  • Wisemans Ferry Community Centre - kitchen replaced
  • Galston Community Centre - kitchen replaced
  • Arcadia Community Centre - kitchen replaced

Bushland and Waterways

  • Catchment Biofilters - at Castle Howard Road, Cheltenham; Morrison Place, West Pennant Hills
  • Streetscape raingardens - on Berowra Waters Road, Berowra and in Pennant Hills Park
  • Large trash racks - at Larool Crescent, Thornleigh; Bellamy Street, Pennant Hills; Braidwood Road, North Epping
  • Underground vault gross pollutant traps - at  Lyne Road, Cheltenham; Salisbury Road, Sherbrook Road and Pike Road, Hornsby
  • Walking track upgrades - Beecroft to Cheltenham walking track, Stage 1; Callicoma Walking Track, Cherrybrook - Stage 2; Terrys Creek Track, Epping; and Heritage Steps, Hornsby - Stage 2 restoration works finalised